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Yes, you can apply for a minor's visa on APAPLskylink. You will need to scan the minor's passport to continue. 

APAPLskylink does not yet help with passport renewals. 

Yes. Our mission is to enable every person on earth to travel freely. You can use APAPLskylink regardless of your citizenship.

Yes, you can. You may put the details of the clinic, doctor or the lab - all of them qualify. 

Note: this feature is only available for certain visas.

On APAPLskylink, you can apply for specific visas for your whole family/group together. It’s simple:

  1. Select the number of people you’re traveling with (>1)
  2. Select how many of those people you’re applying a visa for
  3. Add their information

If you've paid for your application:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. On the top right, tap on the settings wheel and log out
  3. Create a new account and only apply for the co-traveler(s) that you didn't apply for yet.

The APAPLskylink offline mode gives you access to your visas when there is poor or no internet connection available in the area you are in.

The best way to make use of this feature is by opening up the Appapl site and viewing your visa prior to departure. This will ensure that the Appapl app will open up without an internet connection and ensure your visa application PDF is available on your phone, so that you can access it within the Appapl site without an internet connection.

1. Tap on + Add Countries

2. Unselect any country you want to remove

3. Tap on the blue button

1. Take a screenshot of all the pages of your visa

2. Go to your Photo Album and share those screenshots

As of now, you cannot

You can use Appaplskylink on any iPhone or iPad.

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